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How To Reset An Android Phone, Here’s The Steps

Of course it becomes very annoying when suddenly our Android phones don’t respond or hang. This event can occur because of the cache that has accumulated while installing the application. Now you can reset or reboot or soft reset on an Android phone to get back to normal.

Rebooting and resetting have a different explanation, rebooting is the same as reset, by turning off your device. It aims to close and reopen the operating system. On the other hand, resetting is returning the device to factory settings. Even though they have the same terms, they are very different.

Here’s how to reset an Android phone to return to its original performance as reported by a number of sources:

1. Through the Settings Menu on Android

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Before resetting, you should first backup your files on a laptop or external hard drive.

First, go to settings, scroll down and look for the backup & reset menu, then tap factory data reset, check what you think is right, then tap reset device, wait for the process approximately 3-10 minutes, after finishing the Android phone will restart itself, if not, please restart it manually.

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2. Hard Reset

Press the power button and volume up simultaneously, then “Recovery Mode” will appear, if the above method does not work please use the power button + volume up + volume down or power + volume down or it can also be with power + volume up + home button, after that select the option wipe data / factory reset, then ok, use the volume buttons as navigation and home as the execution, wait for it to finish and select restart.

3. Special Dial

The next way to reset your Android phone is by special dial. Open Dial, then select one of the codes * # * # 7780 # * # * for soft reset and * 2767 * 3855 # for hard reset, wait for the process and select restart.

Moon Eclipse

Tips for Using the Moon Eclipse Use Smartphone Camera

If you have a DSLR camera with enough telephoto lenses, of course, this event can be captured well, but for most people who only have a smartphone camera, can it be captured? Yes, and here are a few suggestions for better capturing.

Not a picture of a large moon with details of the crater and its wrinkles that can be captured by a smartphone camera directly, without the help of other tools. If you want to capture images of the moon like this, a smartphone camera can do it, with the help of a telescope or binocular minimum, or an additional smartphone-specific telephoto lens with sufficient magnification.

With a smartphone camera without the aid of a magnifying lens, we can still capture the eclipse of the moon well in terms of presenting different photos. Usually, we frame it with landscape photos, can combine it with nature, trees, cities, even the silhouette of the roofs of houses. Depends on our creativity.

A picture of the moon in the shape of just a small white sphere with a void of the sky around it, captured by a smartphone camera would be unattractive.

Here are some suggestions adapted from to capture images of the lunar eclipse with a better smartphone camera.

Choose Location

If possible, choose a high location, which is quite dark. High locations are usually fewer obstacles, less pollution, and a fairly dark location allows us to take photos that are more focused on the moon because bright ambient light can affect the results of the photo.

Use Manual Mode (Pro) Smartphone Camera

Many smartphone cameras are now equipped with a manual mode (pro), where we can adjust the amount of ISO, EV, opening time, AWB, and so forth. Use this mode, with the main setting use the smallest ISO possible so that night images are not much noise, reduce EV too, and compensate for longer lens openings, for smartphone cameras to pick up the natural contours around quite well and the moon is not over bright.

Please try to take photos with a variety of shutter speeds to get the most suitable opening time, and of course, don’t use a flash.

In this manual photo mode, set the camera’s focus distance with manual focus to infinity, and adjust the composition properly. The moon does not need to always be in the middle, the composition of the rule of the third can be used.

To make it easier, on the smartphone camera grid lines can be displayed, to help composition. This good composition that allows photos of a lunar eclipse from our smartphone deserve to be exhibited on social media.

For those who do not have a pro or manual mode on their smartphone, you can try a number of applications both in the Playstore and AppStore, such as a camera manual, FV-5, and so on.

Some smartphone cameras also support taking pictures in RAW mode, or images that are not compressed so that the image data is still complete as is. Those who master photo editing can try this mode for more leverage editing.

Don’t Use Digital Zoom

Unless our camera has optical zoom, don’t zoom in on digital images to take photos. Digital zoom will look rough, and in fact, the same as later when we take photos can be cropped. For details that remain good when cropped, always use the maximum megapixels from the camera.

Do not use digital filters when taking photos of the moon, better editing such as changing color profiles, adding attributes, etc., is done later.

Use a Tripod

Use a tripod, either a large or mini tripod, or lean your smartphone’s camera on a stationary object, such as a wall, a stone, or a fence. Nighttime photos easily blur, especially if we use longer shutter speed, so the smartphone camera really needs to be still.

Don’t forget, also clean the camera lens, to get images that are really in focus, and use a timer such as 2-5 seconds on the camera settings, so that new photos are taken after a few seconds we press the shutter button, so that the picture is completely still, not shaken our fingers.

Pay Attention to The Schedule of Changes of the Moon

Pay attention to the Moon change schedule, which can be found in many places. With this schedule, we have preparations and can take pictures of interesting moon changes, from full moon or blue moon, to eclipses, and back again. Take every moment that can later be displayed one by one, or be combined with a photo editing application to get a moving and changing picture of the moon.

Happy hunting for a lunar eclipse photo, and don’t hesitate to show it off on social media. Don’t be afraid of criticism, because criticism often makes us able to work better.


Tips to Make Charging Cell Phone Faster

Tips to Make Charging Cell Phone Faster

Although many cellphone manufacturers now offer large battery and fast charging features, they will still run out of battery quickly (low bat) if used continuously. Even events like this can happen two to three times a day, especially when used to play games or watch YouTube all day.

Indeed, it all depends on the battery capacity of the cellphone. The greater the capacity of the battery, the more durable the power usage. Conversely, the smaller the battery capacity, the more often lowball.

The cause of batteries is often low but not because of the age of batteries that are ‘old’, but also because of the use of mobile phones that are not controlled. When we are in an activity, of course, we do not have much time to recharge the batteries. This is because the charging process usually takes a long time, even though the phone supports the fast charging feature.

For that, we must pay attention to several things in charging your cellphone battery. Here are seven tips that can speed up the process of charging your cellphone, which we have summarized from several sources.

1. Charge in battery condition 30%

Instead, don’t charge your cellphone in 0% condition. Charge your cellphone 50% or at least 30%. Because recharging the battery in 0% conditions can slow down the charging process and even can shorten the battery life of your cell phone.

2. Use the original charger

Every mobile phone vendor, of course, has calculated how much voltage and current is right for the device. Therefore, you should always use the original charger when recharging your mobile battery. Besides being faster, using an original charger also makes the battery last longer.

3. Activate Airplane Mode

Activate airplane mode on your cellphone when charging. Thus, all networks will be disconnected. This can speed up battery recharging because battery consumption is not so much used when all kinds of connections are inactive.

4. Install the Supporting Application

To speed up the process of charging your cellphone battery, also use supporting applications such as fast charging. This application can make charging faster by 20 percent to 40 percent depending on the cellphone used.

5. Remove the cell phone protective case

This is indeed ruled out a lot because it is considered to have no effect. However, the use of a cell phone protective case can increase the temperature of the cell phone to become hotter and slow down the charging of your cellphone battery.

6. Turn off the Auto-Update Feature

The auto-update feature occurs especially when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi connection, especially for applications even in stand-by mode. Turn off the auto-update feature in the phone settings to speed up battery charging.

7. Disable Smartphone

This is the most effective way to speed up your cell phone battery charging, switch off. This step can speed up the process and extend the life of your mobile battery. This method is the same as by activating airplane mode but is far more effective and guaranteed to make charging faster. This is because the battery does not discharge at all during the charging process.




How to Turn an Android Phone Into a Computer Speaker

Unlike notebooks, PCs are usually not equipped with built-in speakers. So when you want to enjoy music, generally have to plug in a headset or speaker first.

But if there are no two, we can use an Android phone or tablet to become a computer speaker. How to? Here, there are easy tips we can try.

Just use the Airfoil Speakers application, WiFi Speaker, SoundWire and others. With this application, we can play music from a PC to an Android device wirelessly. When trying, we ourselves use SoundWire

The SoundWire application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. If you do not want to be disturbed by advertising and identification process every 45 minutes. We recommend buying the full version.

In addition to being free from advertising interruptions, paid SoundWire provides a number of additional features, including unlimited Opus audio compression that can be used up to 10 connections.

Then, do the steps below:

Stage 1

Download SoundWire at This application is available for Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi operating systems.

Stage 2

Make sure your Android device and PC are connected in the same network. Then run two SoundWire applications on Android and Desktop. Automatically the two will be connected to each other.

Stage 3

In the SoundWire Server window on the PC, we will see Input Select. If you are using Windows 7 or 8, fill in the Default Multimedia Device. While for XP users, select Stereo Mix, Wave Out Mix or What U Hear. Linux users are advised to follow the instructions in the README file.

Stage 4

Try playing music from a PC to hear audio on an Android device. Volume level settings can only be adjusted through the SoundWire Server on the PC.

That’s How to Turn an Android Phone Into a Computer Speaker

Good luck!


PUBG Mobile on PC

Easy Ways to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Battle royale game fever is plaguing the whole world. One of the most popular games played is PUBG Mobile.

Even so popular, Tencent Games has launched an official emulator specifically for PUBG Mobile to be played on a PC. Even though PUBG’s first incarnation when it launched in 2017 was a PC game.

So, instead of playing the original PUBG released specifically for PC, many gamers choose to play PUBG Mobile on PC using an emulator.

This emulator is called Tencent Gaming Buddy and you can download it via the official Tencent website. This emulator has been optimized so that it can be played using a mouse and keyboard automatically.

Curious how to play PUBG Mobile on your PC and laptop? Check out the following tips.

1. Download the Emulator

Download the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator via the official website at using your PC or laptop. After the download is complete, install the emulator.

2. Download PUBG on PC

After the emulator is successfully installed, you will be confronted with the My Game screen. After that, download and install PUBG Mobile on your PC or laptop. The duration of the download depends on how fast your internet connection is.

3. Log in to a PUBG Mobile Account

After PUBG Mobile has been successfully installed on your PC, click Play to open the game in the emulator and log in to your previously registered PUBG Mobile account.

4. PUBG Mobile Ready to Play

After everything is installed and arranged as desired, PUBG Mobile is ready to play on your PC. It should be noted that the same as in smartphones, the quality of this graphic will automatically adjust to the capabilities of your PC or laptop.

But don’t worry, because the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator requires a PC or laptop with specifications that are not too high compared to the original PUBG game for PC.


Are you ready for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on your PC using this emulator?



Dirty Cellphone Screen? Clean it this way

Most cellphones on the market today are coated with scratch-resistant glass. However, scratch-resistant glass has not been able to protect the cell phone screen from dirt and fingerprints of users who stick.

In addition, dirt that clings to the cellphone often disturbs our eyesight. To clean dirt or fingerprints on the cellphone, we must be careful because the screen is very sensitive.

The following is a series of tricks to clean the mobile screen that we can apply to our favorite cellphones.

1. Turn off the cellphone

Make sure your phone is turned off so that when cleaned, the device does not respond to touch or friction. This can also prevent a short circuit when the screen is cleaned.

2. Use Cleaning Liquid

Cleaning the mobile screen in dry conditions is indeed difficult. Therefore, we should use glass cleaner. However, we must make sure the cleaning liquid is safe for cellphones.

It’s best not to drop the cleaning liquid directly on the cellphone screen. Drop the liquid sufficiently on the cloth to clean the phone. Keep in mind, do not overuse the liquid because not all cell phone screens can accept the liquid.

3. Choose Soft Fibrous Fabric

Use a material that is soft and soft so that it does not cause scratches on the mobile screen when cleaned. Preferably, use a microfiber-type cloth when cleaning the phone screen.

This type of microfiber cloth has soft fibers so it’s very safe for the touch screen. We also clean mobile screens with cotton, tissue, cloth and other materials that are soft and clean.

4. Rub in a Circular and Slowly

After being given a cleaning liquid, wipe your cellphone slowly using a soft cloth. Clean our mobile screen in a circle so that dirt that clings quickly disappears.

Most cell phone users clean the phone screen by wiping it horizontally and vertically. This method actually makes the dirt on the cellphone screen widened.

5. For Maximum Results, Clean the Inside Cell Phone Screen

Cleaning the outside of the cellphone screen sometimes doesn’t give satisfaction to some users. We can open the body of the cell phone and clean both the touch screen and glass LCD on the phone casing. However, it should be noted that this method should only be done if we really have the experience of dismantling the cellphone body pairs.



10 Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow WiFi Connection

Wireless internet connection using fast WiFi is certainly very helpful for daily activities. If the WiFi connection suddenly becomes slow, it is not impossible that the work being done can be interrupted.

If you often face slow WiFi connections, you don’t need to worry anymore because there are many ways to easily speed up a slow WiFi connection.

Here are 10 ways to speed up WiFi connections that we have summarized from various sources.

1. Update the Firmware Router

One simple thing you can do to speed up your WiFi connection is to update the firmware on your router. Router companies usually always update the software to produce a faster WiFi connection.

2. Place the Router in an Optimal Location

The router does not look beautiful to the room, but do not hide the router in the closet, or near the window where the cable is inserted. In order for the maximum WiFi speed, place the router in the middle of the house so that the signal can reach as far as possible.

3. Keep away from Electronic Devices

Many people place their routers near televisions or telephones, even though this can inhibit WiFi signals. It is best to place the router as far away from electronic devices as TV, speakers, monitors, or air conditioners.

4. Keep away from Wireless Devices

WiFi signals can also be inhibited by wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers and baby monitors. So as much as possible keep the router from interference from other devices.

5. Change the Channel

If you have neighbors, routers and access points they can just disturb your property and make the WiFi signal slow. WiFi routers can work on multiple channels, and you want channels that are quieter and less used.

On a PC or Windows computer, you can see which channels are used by neighboring WiFi. How to enter the Command Prompt and type “netsh WLAN show all”. Later you will see a list of wireless networks and channels used around you.

6. Create DIY Antennas

There are some DIY tricks you can do to speed up your WiFi connection, one of them is by making an antenna from a beverage can. The method is to cut the top and bottom of the can and cut the can in the middle so that it becomes a sheet of metal.

Place this piece of tin behind the router antenna with a parabolic shape, and leave the front part open. Although the results are not so drastic, this trick managed to speed up the WiFi connection.

7. Replace Outdated Routers

If you are using an old router, for example one that uses the 802.11n standard, the router has a fairly low bandwidth limit. So, as much as possible upgrade your router with a router that has the latest standard of 802.11ac which can support bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

8. Change Smartphone Settings

If you use an Android smartphone, especially Xiaomi, there is an easy way to speed up a WiFi connection without the need to download additional applications. How to enter the Settings application, then select the WiFi option. After that, scroll down to find the Advanced settings option.

Click the option then select the WiFi speed mode option to give bandwidth priority to certain applications. There is a Regular mode option that can evenly distribute bandwidth for applications running in the foreground and background.

In addition there is an Extreme mode option that can prioritize bandwidth for applications running in the foreground, while applications running in the background may not be able to access the internet for a while.

9. Use a Password

WiFi that is secured with a password will certainly avoid naughty neighbors who want to ride using WiFi for free. Also, make sure your passwords use WPA2 encryption to make it more difficult for others to crack.

10. Reboot the Router

Regularly reboot the router is an easy way to increase the speed of WiFi at home. Don’t just reboot the router when you feel the WiFi connection is slow, it’s better to set an automatic schedule so that the router can restart once a day or a week.