Dirty Cellphone Screen? Clean it this way


Dirty Cellphone Screen? Clean it this way

Most cellphones on the market today are coated with scratch-resistant glass. However, scratch-resistant glass has not been able to protect the cell phone screen from dirt and fingerprints of users who stick.

In addition, dirt that clings to the cellphone often disturbs our eyesight. To clean dirt or fingerprints on the cellphone, we must be careful because the screen is very sensitive.

The following is a series of tricks to clean the mobile screen that we can apply to our favorite cellphones.

1. Turn off the cellphone

Make sure your phone is turned off so that when cleaned, the device does not respond to touch or friction. This can also prevent a short circuit when the screen is cleaned.

2. Use Cleaning Liquid

Cleaning the mobile screen in dry conditions is indeed difficult. Therefore, we should use glass cleaner. However, we must make sure the cleaning liquid is safe for cellphones.

It’s best not to drop the cleaning liquid directly on the cellphone screen. Drop the liquid sufficiently on the cloth to clean the phone. Keep in mind, do not overuse the liquid because not all cell phone screens can accept the liquid.

3. Choose Soft Fibrous Fabric

Use a material that is soft and soft so that it does not cause scratches on the mobile screen when cleaned. Preferably, use a microfiber-type cloth when cleaning the phone screen.

This type of microfiber cloth has soft fibers so it’s very safe for the touch screen. We also clean mobile screens with cotton, tissue, cloth and other materials that are soft and clean.

4. Rub in a Circular and Slowly

After being given a cleaning liquid, wipe your cellphone slowly using a soft cloth. Clean our mobile screen in a circle so that dirt that clings quickly disappears.

Most cell phone users clean the phone screen by wiping it horizontally and vertically. This method actually makes the dirt on the cellphone screen widened.

5. For Maximum Results, Clean the Inside Cell Phone Screen

Cleaning the outside of the cellphone screen sometimes doesn’t give satisfaction to some users. We can open the body of the cell phone and clean both the touch screen and glass LCD on the phone casing. However, it should be noted that this method should only be done if we really have the experience of dismantling the cellphone body pairs.


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