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Tips to Make Charging Cell Phone Faster

Tips to Make Charging Cell Phone Faster

Although many cellphone manufacturers now offer large battery and fast charging features, they will still run out of battery quickly (low bat) if used continuously. Even events like this can happen two to three times a day, especially when used to play games or watch YouTube all day.

Indeed, it all depends on the battery capacity of the cellphone. The greater the capacity of the battery, the more durable the power usage. Conversely, the smaller the battery capacity, the more often lowball.

The cause of batteries is often low but not because of the age of batteries that are ‘old’, but also because of the use of mobile phones that are not controlled. When we are in an activity, of course, we do not have much time to recharge the batteries. This is because the charging process usually takes a long time, even though the phone supports the fast charging feature.

For that, we must pay attention to several things in charging your cellphone battery. Here are seven tips that can speed up the process of charging your cellphone, which we have summarized from several sources.

1. Charge in battery condition 30%

Instead, don’t charge your cellphone in 0% condition. Charge your cellphone 50% or at least 30%. Because recharging the battery in 0% conditions can slow down the charging process and even can shorten the battery life of your cell phone.

2. Use the original charger

Every mobile phone vendor, of course, has calculated how much voltage and current is right for the device. Therefore, you should always use the original charger when recharging your mobile battery. Besides being faster, using an original charger also makes the battery last longer.

3. Activate Airplane Mode

Activate airplane mode on your cellphone when charging. Thus, all networks will be disconnected. This can speed up battery recharging because battery consumption is not so much used when all kinds of connections are inactive.

4. Install the Supporting Application

To speed up the process of charging your cellphone battery, also use supporting applications such as fast charging. This application can make charging faster by 20 percent to 40 percent depending on the cellphone used.

5. Remove the cell phone protective case

This is indeed ruled out a lot because it is considered to have no effect. However, the use of a cell phone protective case can increase the temperature of the cell phone to become hotter and slow down the charging of your cellphone battery.

6. Turn off the Auto-Update Feature

The auto-update feature occurs especially when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi connection, especially for applications even in stand-by mode. Turn off the auto-update feature in the phone settings to speed up battery charging.

7. Disable Smartphone

This is the most effective way to speed up your cell phone battery charging, switch off. This step can speed up the process and extend the life of your mobile battery. This method is the same as by activating airplane mode but is far more effective and guaranteed to make charging faster. This is because the battery does not discharge at all during the charging process.