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10 Ways to Speed ​​Up a Slow WiFi Connection

Wireless internet connection using fast WiFi is certainly very helpful for daily activities. If the WiFi connection suddenly becomes slow, it is not impossible that the work being done can be interrupted.

If you often face slow WiFi connections, you don’t need to worry anymore because there are many ways to easily speed up a slow WiFi connection.

Here are 10 ways to speed up WiFi connections that we have summarized from various sources.

1. Update the Firmware Router

One simple thing you can do to speed up your WiFi connection is to update the firmware on your router. Router companies usually always update the software to produce a faster WiFi connection.

2. Place the Router in an Optimal Location

The router does not look beautiful to the room, but do not hide the router in the closet, or near the window where the cable is inserted. In order for the maximum WiFi speed, place the router in the middle of the house so that the signal can reach as far as possible.

3. Keep away from Electronic Devices

Many people place their routers near televisions or telephones, even though this can inhibit WiFi signals. It is best to place the router as far away from electronic devices as TV, speakers, monitors, or air conditioners.

4. Keep away from Wireless Devices

WiFi signals can also be inhibited by wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers and baby monitors. So as much as possible keep the router from interference from other devices.

5. Change the Channel

If you have neighbors, routers and access points they can just disturb your property and make the WiFi signal slow. WiFi routers can work on multiple channels, and you want channels that are quieter and less used.

On a PC or Windows computer, you can see which channels are used by neighboring WiFi. How to enter the Command Prompt and type “netsh WLAN show all”. Later you will see a list of wireless networks and channels used around you.

6. Create DIY Antennas

There are some DIY tricks you can do to speed up your WiFi connection, one of them is by making an antenna from a beverage can. The method is to cut the top and bottom of the can and cut the can in the middle so that it becomes a sheet of metal.

Place this piece of tin behind the router antenna with a parabolic shape, and leave the front part open. Although the results are not so drastic, this trick managed to speed up the WiFi connection.

7. Replace Outdated Routers

If you are using an old router, for example one that uses the 802.11n standard, the router has a fairly low bandwidth limit. So, as much as possible upgrade your router with a router that has the latest standard of 802.11ac which can support bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

8. Change Smartphone Settings

If you use an Android smartphone, especially Xiaomi, there is an easy way to speed up a WiFi connection without the need to download additional applications. How to enter the Settings application, then select the WiFi option. After that, scroll down to find the Advanced settings option.

Click the option then select the WiFi speed mode option to give bandwidth priority to certain applications. There is a Regular mode option that can evenly distribute bandwidth for applications running in the foreground and background.

In addition there is an Extreme mode option that can prioritize bandwidth for applications running in the foreground, while applications running in the background may not be able to access the internet for a while.

9. Use a Password

WiFi that is secured with a password will certainly avoid naughty neighbors who want to ride using WiFi for free. Also, make sure your passwords use WPA2 encryption to make it more difficult for others to crack.

10. Reboot the Router

Regularly reboot the router is an easy way to increase the speed of WiFi at home. Don’t just reboot the router when you feel the WiFi connection is slow, it’s better to set an automatic schedule so that the router can restart once a day or a week.